About Mercian Labels

whoweareWhat does Mercian Labels do?

Mercian Labels are an award winning manufacturer of custom printed self adhesive labels for UK businesses of all sizes.

Digital Printer Awards 2013 Winner - Mercian Labels

We are trusted by UK business of all sizes, from entrepreneurial micro business start-ups to blue chips companies to provide custom printed labels to help them grow their businesses by providing custom printed labels with speed and service.

Established in 1969 , we have a global reputation as a label manufacturer based on short run, digital and innovative labelling for UK businesses.

We operate from 2 manufacturing sites in the UK and benefit from over 9,000 business customers, exporting to over 20 countries across 6 continents. We have tripled in size in the 6 years to 2014 despite the global recession as a result of organic growth, product innovation and an active acquisition strategy and forecast continued double digit growth for 2015.

What else does Mercian Labels do?

We are market leaders in the manufacture of  high volume variable data & barcode labels and bespoke high security label seals.


Anything else you are proud of?

We are proud to be specialist labelling innovators. Manufacturing from 2 factories in the UK and exporting to clients worldwide, we conduct significant innovative research to develop new products and technologies.  We do new product development well.

Our employees including scientists, engineers, printers, coating specialists and software engineers combine into project specific teams to tackle labelling challenges. Our major suppliers are strategic partners which we combine with our our own resources and knowledge to develop innovative products that perform.

We have an in house dedicated NPD team with a significant budget that is dedicated to R&D, initiating new products and processes, and answering custom needs. Responding to specific development requests from customers, the R&D team works closely with the end user throughout the product development process, ensuring that the end product conforms tightly to required specifications. Our flexible approach allows us to take on projects that often do not interest larger suppliers.

Innovation is key to our success and we are always looking for new projects and partners to develop new products and solutions for and with.

We value our innovations and protect our intellectual property with patents, registered trademarks and design rights as appropriate.

If you have a new product idea, a labelling problem that needs solving or a request for an R&D collaboration then please contact the NPD team leader Dr Adrian Steele.

What are your values?

Our Values Statement sets out the values we stand by as a business.

“As a company, and as individuals, Mercian Labels believe that honesty, hard work and commitment in business will deliver our ambition to manufacture great products. At work we seek to balance our loyalty to the business and our families by being efficient with our time and operating as an effective team. Our approach to challenges is to tackle them with determination and enthusiasm. We recognise that balancing continual investment and profitability is essential to our long term success..”

A word cloud of responses when all staff at our 2013 Away Day were asked to choose values that represented core company values of staff at the Mercian Labels Group

A word cloud of responses when all staff at our 2013 Away Day were asked to choose values that represented core company values of staff at Mercian Labels

I’m interested in innovating a new brand that needs specialist labels- can you help me?

Yes, as well as helping  customers with their own brands, we develop our own “smart label” brands including these which we are proud of:

gammatex logo Gammatex®™ gamma sterilization indicators undergo a simple yellow to red colour change when exposed to gamma radiation.

For use on a wide range of applications, LabelLock®™ products visibly deform if opened or interfered with clearly signalling a security breach with a warning.