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At Mercian Labels when a plan comes together

10th March 2018 Chris 0 Comments

We all love it when a plan comes together, but it’s especially gratifying when all the hard work that goes into planning and manning a trade show stand comes off.

The Mercian Labels’ team were positively blushing with the compliments received at the recent Packaging Innovations show at the Birmingham NEC. We have even been getting emails from delighted prospects – here’s one from Graham who has a microbrewery:

” I have just returned from the NEC trade show, and out of all the label companies I saw, Mercian Labels answered all my questions and impressed me hugely and can I say they came out top!”

Peel and Reveal

‘Peel and Reveal’ labels have captured the imagination of many this year. For those of you unaware, these are multi-page labels which help to conform to regulatory requirements by providing more information in less space. Especially hot as a topic in the e-cig market currently, as the size of e-liquid bottles is restricted, and the required information is growing! Our presses are seemingly bursting as we get to grips with this ever increasing ecig market…but we still have room for you!