Five simple steps is all it takes to reduce your landfill waste, contribute to a circular economy, and make a real difference to the future of our planet. We are delighted to announce

We've been awarded the internationally recognised ISO 14001:2015 certification for our Environmental Management System. Gaining ISO 14001 is a significant achievement for the Mercian Labels team, and it reinforces our commitment to being

As part of their strategic mission to grow through acquisition, Mercian Labels are pleased to have acquired a portion of business from Computype Europe Ltd, who has re-strategised to focus on their core

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As of March, 1st 2021, any UK seller offering hygiene and topical products through Amazon's FBA programme will be required to use a suitable ‘Factory Seal' on their packaging. According to Amazon’s seller

Useful Links: Food Labelling - Country of Origin FBO Health & Identification Marks UK Approved Organic Control Bodies

The autumn months are always a very important time for us and no more so than this year, especially for our Quality Manager, Karl Shilton. You see, for Karl, autumn is all about

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WHY PROGRESSIVE BUSINESSES ARE FOLLOWING THE LATEST TREND               What is TBL I hear you ask? It’s Triple Bottom Line and it’s a theory created by Jon

..." I have never seen this level of control in the Quality Management "...     Mercian Labels are delighted to announce that, once again, we have achieved top marks and passed our

Many people will be aware that any type of food being manufactured for sale in the UK must be labelled in accordance with British Standards, laid out by the UK Government. What some

CHANGE IS HERE... Introducing Our Market Leading Liner Recycling Programme APPLY NOW!