Migration plan

our migration plan is as follows

  • February 2007 – senokian sets up a test development network with a single server and a single client that runs all the software we want.
  • March to May we (well, Rich, our IT manager) re-writes our mission critical VBA / ACCESS front end systems in php and tests the whole thing with an offline copy of our database, doing in house training with demo email accounts etc.
  • May / June 2007, we complete our in house training, and move across to the new system
  • WE migrate all the clients to dual boot ubuntu until we are happy all clients are cool with the new OS
  • switch off all big M packages permanently apart from our design PC that needs to run fancy graphics packages.
  • continue development and refinement for the following 6 months

We have a major project that starts in July / August, so I want the major rewrite done by then.

Fingers crossed..