Our existing IT setup

For the record, we run the following

CLIENTS (x13) 

  • W2K/XP Operating System
  • A SWYX voip soft phone client
  • An IE web browser
  • Email using Microsoft exchange
  • Access to our SQL database using a Access 2000 database client (major application)
  • Word and excel files for ad hoc functions (rarely used)
  • Shared fax (rarely used)
  • Network printer access
  • image viewing software (rarely used)
  • PDF viewer and writer
  • graphic design software for 1 client



  • 1 x W2K Server
  • network file storage
  • backup routines
  • DHCP
  • DNS
  • A network Email function using Exchange and Exchangepop3
  • SAGE accounting systems for 2 users
  • shared fax
  • SQL server for our database back end
  • Terminal services for remote desktop
  • Website hosting
  • Antivirus
  • Active directory / local domain
  • CD burning software
  • Ftp client access
  • VPN access
  • Website design software


Our external dedicated server is hosted in an external data centre for reliability purposes and includes:

·        Fedora 5 Linux OS

·        Apache web server

·        MySQL database for website

·        Html / PHP used for website pages

·        SpamAssassin anti spam software

·        CLAM AV anti virus


This was our benchmark when we started this project in October 2006