SWOT analysis of our IT

Strengths Weaknesses
·          We use Industry standard  windows software and OS·          Reliable and cheap ADSL link·          Well understood software by all staff·          Powerful customised MS access/VBA front end that is very heavily customised for our needs·          Recently recruited FT in-house IT manager·          Early adopter attitude to IT·          Comfortable with supporting mission critical software in house ·          Unreliability and instability of Microsoft software·          Lack of documentation enabling support outside Assistance for core software·          No external support available ·          Slow, old and unreliable hardware that has not had an systematic upgrade policy and is starting to fail·          ADSL links are currently not fast enough for website hosting
Opportunities Threats
·          Speed and reliability of broadband lines is increasing, and will soon be suitable for full website hosting eg SDSL (risky strategy).·          Open source software is becoming increasingly viable as a replacement for many traditional MS software products·          It si likely that customers will require more online intereaction in the next 5-10 years that we will find increasingly hard to support from our existing software platform ·          All our current MS software (office and OS) are based on windows 2000 versions, which are rapidly becoming obsolete ·          Our exisiting SQL database backend will not run on Windows vista which means that we will soon not be able to buy any new PCs with operating systems installed eg laptops, but on the plus side Access 2000 will convert to Access 2007