Fedora core 5 and PostgreSQL may not be compatible

First problem with the software infrastructure we had planned is that we wanted a fully syncronised copy of our mission critical database on our work server and our dedicated web server.  This was as a backup and as redundant capacity in case of internal server hardware failure.

Our Fasthosts dedicated server uses Fedora Core 5, and as of February 2007 the Fedora legacy project has been shut down, leaving no security updates available.  The problem is that Senokian believe that Postgresql wont work on Fedora Core 5, and really we should run a support operating system with security updates.

We have about 2 months now to sort this out, and its currently with fasthosts.  I await their response.

  • hi Adrian

    Thanks for your kind words regarding the help our team at OpenAdvantage, have provided.

    I thought you might like to know of the new venture we have launched and in particular the areas of debate considered in the first tranche of topics.

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  • My comments above relate to your entry ‘Research into open source’

  • David Parker

    Have you looked at CentOS? It is a derivative of Redhat Enterprise Linux with many of its benefits and you don’t need to buy licenses for updates.

  • Hi David

    Yes, we have heard of Centos, but there is one major problm for us in changing OS. Fasthosts, our hosting company provide a complete package based on fedora, and all their support is fedora based. I know that voming to centos, ubuntu, or any other distro will include pretty signifiacnt downtime and additional support costs. I’d rather explore the upgrade routes first before deciding what to do. Our contract with fasthosts is up in August, so by then we may have decied to setup a new dedicated webserver on centos, or ubuntu, and migrate then.

    at this stage, all options are open!

    thanks for the input

  • Honestly, I think it is worth going through the pain now to find a different hosting company. Fedora Core is, by design, less than ideal for long term hosting. Fedora Core has a very rapid development cycle, and as you’ve learned (the hard way) a relatively recent distribution can fall out of maintenance quickly under a rapid release cycle.

    CentOS, on the other hand, has a long slow development cycle. CentOS 5 is still in beta but should have its stable release out at any moment. CentOS 5 is for all intents and purposes a cleaned-up version of Fedora Core 6 so the migration for you would be much easier. And you can continue on with the same distribution for years.

    Another good option would be Ubuntu “dapper” 6.06 LTS. Though honestly, I have some doubts about the Ubuntu project’s claims that they will maintain this distribution for years. Still, I find it to be a very easy environment to work in and some of my boxes do run Ubuntu. Other releases of Ubuntu are under a rapid development cycle, much as Fedora Core, and would be less appropriate for long term hosting.

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