Spam and clam AV antivirus headache solved

We get about 4000+ spam emails a day, which is a serious headache.  Since we moved to a secure dedicated server, we have struggled to get an email system configured hat worked well for us.

The target was near zero spam to our email accounts, near zero false positives on incomgin legitimate emails and zero viruses.

Finally, it has just been cracked, after about 3 months of effort from Rich (our IT guy) and Tom, a 2nd line software support engineer from Fasthosts.

Getting the Spamassassin working wasnt too bad, it took some fiddling with the config files to enable us to see the right headers, but it works v v well now.  We set the default trip score to 3, then lowered it to 4, (1 being catch everything, 15 being is “allow all the crap through”!).

The anti virus was a different ballgame.  Clam AV seems to be the open source market leader, and works well as far as we can see.

The problem is integrating the 2.  You have to use AMASVISD which by all accounts given to me is a pain to install and configure.  Tom from Fasthosts has been a star in taking his spare time to sort this out over the past 2 months, and now finally we are clear from incoming viruses by email.

Thanks Tom!