syncronising PostgreSQL across multiple servers

WE thought a lot about how to provide ourselves with a redundant system in case of theft or breakdown of our main server in house, and we decided to go with 2 copies of the database, syncronising every 5 minutes.

However, Dave over at Senokian came up with a  good idea, have 3 copies, 1 main one internally and 2 copies on our remote dedicated server in the fasthosts server farm.  the idea is that 1 remote copy syncronises every 5 minutes, and the other every hour.  This means that is we correct 1 copy, we have a fighting chance of recovering our data from the ird 1 hour copy.

Good Idea Dave, thanks.

Now all we have to do is to do a dump of the SQL data into PostgreSQL which Rich is working on at the moment.