PHP is great

A quick post on PHP.  Compared to ASP, its great.  Even this Blog is runs on open source PHP code, and it dosnt break.  I love it.

.htaccess rewriting is a cool feature of linux/unix hosting as well.

  • Jan

    You open source script kiddie. I hope you realize that this is high on google’s list when you search for “PHP is great”.. Try searching for PHP sucks.

  • kiddie, yes. I’m not a trained coder.

    php sucks. no , in my opinion it dosn’t. Your post, as you say, “sucks”.


  • PHP is great, theres no arguing that! Its an easyish web scripting language to use and learn, with unlimited resources available for nearly every situation.

    Out of all the languages i’ve ever looked into, i’ve never been as comfortable using anything else.

    I did a fair amount of research into web scripting languages a few years ago, and PHP came out on top almost every time. If you say “php sucks, which i disagree with” what would you compare that comment against?