MVC / The problems of running a technical project without a coding background

Our migration to linux based open source hinges on the sucessful implemention of a php – postgresql database to run our CRM.  Now I have done some coding, in fortran and VBa, but I’m a businessman, not a coder.  What coding I do I enjoy, but its not my role really.

An issues came up yesterday what I saw as strategically improtant to the sucess of the migration, and this was the adoption or otherwise of MVC as a clever way of managing duplicate code.  Now I like this idea, but as I lack formal training in software development, I dont have the background to understand this fully.  There are many sides to the argument, and the debate will continue internally today as we look at other options recomended by Jake and Greg at Senokian.

This post is a quick warning to managers, directors, and other business people driving a project like this.  Sometimes your non technical background will let you down, and you cannt speak the same language as the coders becuase you dont have the training, and reading the odd web page about a subject is not enough to get by.

It is likely that on this occasion I may have to make an uninformed decision on a very technical issue.