windos software that we dont believe will run under linux

In a previous comment, Dan Kegal ( a WINE developer) asked what software we would like to run under WINE but dont think we can do.

Easy, here is the list:

  1. SAGE line 50 network edition – many, if not most small businesses run SAGE accoutning software, and I dont believe that it will run on a linux platform, but as yet we havent tried it.
  2. Graphic design software:  we are a label printer, and as such our graphic design function is vital to us.  The Gimp is just not powerful enough for professional level desgin, colour seperation, dispro, and we expect to have to keep one PC just for design, running Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, and maybe photoshop
  3. Ad hoc bits of software.  These may, or may not work on wine, aagin we have not tried them, but our conservative assumption is that they wont.  These are mostly SEO pieces of software like the banned by google tool  and seoelite

If anyone has any expereinces of using these I would be grateful for feedback.  When we do get around to trying them, I will post the results here.

  • Yaakov

    There are a few other options to running windows programs besides WINE. There are a number of emulators and virtual machines that allow you to run a Windows session inside of Linux. Effectively, you are still using a ‘separate’ machine to run all your Windows apps, but this isn’t a physical piece of hardware. You could even pass around the image of your windows session between computers, which is useful for machine upgrades, machine management, thin clients, etc…

    You might want to begin looking at VMWare and Xen as they are both good solutions. There are certainly many more (fanboys included) but those two are just the first two names to pop into my head this morning.

  • One other solution you could explore for your Windows only program issue is Win4Lin server. If I understand correctly you can run Windows programs on the Win4Lin server and export the programs display to the Linux work station. Appropriate licensing required of course. 😉

    At very least this will give you a stepping stone for a full migration as the Open Source stuff matures or some of the programs you use become available on Linux.

    You may be already doing this, It might be of value to email all your Windows only programs manufacture and let them know that you are moving off Windows and would like to see if there is any plan to migrate they software to Linux.. This way they know that there are users out there that want to use there products but can not on Linux. Just an idea.

    Keep up the great work and keep the posts coming. You are not alone out here and we will all do what we can to help you out.

    Thanks and hope this helps in some way.

    Rich Houston

  • Vit Hrachovy

    See for the tested applications and level of support. AFAIK Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop works very well.

  • I’ve added your migration project to

    Sage Line 50 already has a bug filed:
    but we’re hampered because there’s no free demo for us to test.
    If anyone wants to donate a copy, please let me know.

    I filed bugs for the two little apps,
    and will test more of the apps later.

    Photoshop will probably be in good shape in six
    months. Illustrator is further off; see

  • Try Inkscape for a Core Draw replacement.

  • Julian Robbins

    If you wish to try something commercial but Open source for Accounting have a look at Corbiere (I think its spelt like that). We use Quickbooks, and that IS working with Linux with Codeweavers Wine according to their Press.

    Instead of Coreldraw, please try Scribus (Excellent DTP, we sue it here for all our DTP now, also runs on Windows,m if you want to get your staff up and running earlier), and Inkscape for Vector Graphics. This too also runs on Windows if you have the early need.