learning how to run linux at command line with only a DOS and windows bckground

although the techies love it,probably for good reason, a lotof user interface with linux is at the command line, not the usual GUI interface that we are geneticly engineered to know and understand…. this means that if you really want to use some of the linux features and functions, you have to know how to use the command line.

I have some basic unix experience from numerical modelling research, but not enough that I didn’t have to start at square one.

I tried this website, which I was impressed with, and guided me through the basic functions well.


Its worth a go , after 30 minutes I could even find and load our website files and edit them with the VI text editor.

I still prefer the GUI ubuntu interface though!

  • Matthew Flaschen

    I still prefer command line for some things, especially with really good tab completion (such as with the zsh shell). However, I no longer suggest others use it. That said, if you already are, you might want to look at the emacs text editor. It’s far more featureful (and bloated) than vi, but can still run on the commandline: (emacs -nw). It comes with a builtin tutorial and there are many online. I use emacs regularly with the GUI.