fed up with microsoft unreliability, again…

I posted some weeks ago about our main microsoft server at work falling over becuase it was raining, or some other meaningless reason.  Well, yesterday, it happened again, but was sunny.

OK, its nothing to do with the weather, but the serious point is that in my experience the timing of failures on our microsoft server is either random, or is significantly delayed from the start of the cause identified.  For instance, yesterdays failure, which required me to go into the office and  fix it on a saturday, turned out to be related to friday nights daily backups.  Why the web hosting failed on saturday lunchtime is a mystery to me, but its annoying that it failed in the firstplace, that it failed due to an unrealed software package second, and the timing was random thirdly.

I sincerely hope that our ubuntu server turns out to be more reliable and understandable!

  • Julian Robbins

    Interesting you went for Ubuntu on your server. Most people still dont see it as a server but more as a Desktop OS.

    We’ve used Ubuntu on our servers since Breezy, without issues. Unless you’re getting into heavy virtualisation I think Ubuntu should be fine for your needs ..