LUGradio podcasts to hear expert topical open source debates

Some time ago I had the pleasure of doing a PHP course at run by Jono Bacon.  I remember a conversation at the time about LUGradio, which at the time I put down to his passion for heavy metal music, which isnt my taste. 

I have only just worked out that LUG means Linux User Group, and that LUGradio is a podcast on linux.  So I downloaded the latest MP3 podcast (my first ever podcast in fact) and listened in.

Its very interesting content if you are learning about the world of linux and the various technical debates associated with the open source world.  You are best listening to this outside of work, as some of the content and language is not very PC at times, but these guys are very knowledgable and the debates interesting.

Its got me hooked, and I am now working my way through the back catalogue. Recommended.