progress update

I haven’t blogged for a few weeks on the progress of our migration project. 

The main change for us in migrating to a new open source system is that our CRM is moving from MS Access to a totally new web ased system.

This involves an awful lot of work to write a new system from scratch that meets our needs as a specialist label printer.  Rich has found this to take longer than we expected, and progress has been slow but sure.  We have now got the main MVC framework up and running, with an autoupdate AJAX system that we like and need.  Currently we are formatting lots of internal web reporting pages, so there is very little to report thats interesting really.

This is likely to take another 4 weeks before its complete.  At that stage we will have a lot more to report, as we do some seriouls user testing, and configure test setups with Zimbra for email/calendaring , and Trixbox for our phone system.

I hope that the update is useful.