outlook dies AGAIN, so I’m going to move to Zimbra

Last week my outlook PST file exceeded 2GB and died.  Using the MS recovery tools I managed to get a lot of it back, but certainly not all, and It look me the best part of 10 hours to start a new uncorrupted PST file, import and syncronise all my calendar, contacts and email.  This is a serious aste of my time, and this is not the first time this has happened either.

So, today I am going over to Senokian to get some training in Zimbra, and move my email, contacts and calendar to a Zimbra platform.  We’ve bought a Zimbra Mobile license, so I want to see how easy it syncs with my nokia communicator 9500.  If it dosnt, the new mokia E90 communicator is launched next month…

  • We use Zimbra at OA and I really love it – once you get used to having your email client, the exact same email client with all your prefs and setup, on any machine and virtually any browser you never want to go back. Quite apart from the obvious Win, Lin, Mac possibilities I’ve used it on N800 tablet and also my N80 phone – and while it’s not optimised for the small n80 screen it’s usable in a pinch.

    We bought the Mobile licence and it works seamlessly with the devices we have as well as the iSync connector for the guys using Macs. I know that CSIP use the the E60’s and E61’s and think it’s great. I think it should work with an N95 but I’ve not been able to find nokia’s sync tool for my N80.

    I’ve never really used Outlook or been a big fan of it, however I know plenty of people swear by it, so it will be interesting to see how you and your other staff get on with Zimbra.

  • Awesome!!
    Glad to hear it, and welcome aboard!
    If you need anything, let me know. I’m jholder in the Zimbra Forums.