Progress on migrating to Zimbra

We’ve had an interesting couple of weeks in preparing to migrate, not without its problems.

Problems we have faced include the following:

  • as outlook 2000 is not supported by Zimbra as a migration path, we have had to setup IMAP to transfer emails from outlook to Zimbra, which works ok
  • exporting my calendar from outlook to an ICAL file wasnt easy, and you need this tool to do it. When you have an ICAL file, you can import it using a CURL command
  • by default (and I dont know why), all calendar appointments were imported not in UK time, but in USA time, offset by about 7 hours. We had to get Dave at Senokian to fix this . This meant we had to clear the zimbra calendar and start the import again, which worked ok.



to clear the zimbra calendar by hand, this is done using the zmprov command. As the zimbra user, run the command ‘zmprov’. This will take you to one of the admin consoles, with the prompt zmprov>
Enter ‘sm’ to select your mailbox. The prompt will change to reflect this.

Run the command ’emptyFolder /Calendar’. This will do what it says on the tin.
Hit Ctrl-D repeatedly until you’re back at a prompt you recognise.

curl -u adrian –data-binary @/tmp/calendar.ics

(You can copy-paste, the at the end of the first line indicates to the
shell that there’s a follow-on line.)

This assumes that you’ve put your calendar at /tmp/calendar.ics

So…. I’m almost ready to migrate, having got a solution to import all my email contacts using a CSV import, calendar using ICAL and CURL, email using IMPA, and a substitute task manager using toodledo.

The only thing I dont have yet is a sync proceedure for my mobile phone, which is essential to me.  As my 9500 isnt supported (why Zimbra guys???  can you get a more business orientated phone????) I will have to buy a new E90 when they launch, or use a temporary measure like road sync.

The trouble is, I have a packed diary for the next 2 weeks out of the office, so it will be July before I look at this again seriously.

  • Hi-
    With the UK time issue, looks like a bug to me. I searched our bugzilla, and couldn’t find one. You may wish to file a bug on that 😉

    Also, on the phone issue: I assume you have a Nokia phone?
    They are notorious for having exchange incapabilities on the OS layer. Their activesync client is less than complete, which causes problems on our end with the server.

    If users do have trouble, we generally do recommend Road Sync. Their client is WAAAYYY better.

    Good luck, and if you need anything, take a trip over to our Forums!

    -jholder from Zimbra

  • Hi John

    yes, I run a nokia 9500 communicator

    Im struggling to understand where the different sync products fit in with each other.

    I thought that the zimbra mobile license we have allows us to use over the air sync with any of the supported phones. I have been made aware of the Roadsync product – are you saying that we may need that as well even if the new phone I buy is listed on the supported hardware page ?