Open Advantage are running a linux admin course – and I need a place!

Open Advantage are running a new course on linux administration, and I’ve tried to get a place.  Its really difficult trying to assess the capabilities of Linux when you cannt use the command line well.  I just hope I can get a place so I can talk the same language as Rich as he contonues to install new applications on our new linux server.

  • Don’t worry Adrian I think we can find a place for you, especially since you turned round your application in record time!

  • thanks, no hanging about Paul!

  • Open Advanatage kidly offered me a place on the course yesyerday, which I am really looking forward to. We have a business history of unreliable IT, and until can comfotably administer our linux server, I wont trust it to work when Rich, our IT manager is away!

    Thanks Michelle / Paul!