lack of availability of linux on laptops in the UK

now I just dont get this.

  1. Microsoft has a c.90% market share and every conventional IT hardware seller sells machines with a microsoft operating system installed.
  2. IT hardware is ferocioulsy price competitive
  3. Linux distros are getting much better, and more comprehensive (with ubuntu leading the field), are free, and offer a distinct performance and price advantage to IT hardware resellers
  4. Loads of businesses prefer to use laptops as workforces become increasingly mobile/remote working
  5. Nobody is putting a concerted effort into developing a business selling laptops with linux preinstalled in the UK.

Now this bugs me. I know the linux emporium sells linux laptops, but the basic models are out of stock a high percentage of the time, and the higher spec models aren’t great value for money for many users. Talking to John at LE at Lugradio Live, I know he has serious supply problems outside of his control. Others I have found dont seem serious about linux on laptops.

Here are my thoughts:

  1. I want to buy a laptop with all the hardware working running ubuntu linux – I have money to spend right now
  2. I expect to pay a comparable price for a laptop with xp/vista preinstalled, to give some margin back to the seller for getting all the notorious;y difficult laptop hardware to work for me, (saving me the time).
  3. I cannt find a UK equivilant of , someone who is serious about linux laptops and offers a good range of hardware with ubuntu preinstalled.

This is a migration barrier for UK SMEs to move to linux.

Someone out there, catch onto this opportunity. I would much rather put my business’s hard earned cash into a UK IT business to pay for the skill and time in installing ubuntu, rather than pay for a microsoft license.

This is a great USP for someone. If you are doing this already, I cannt find you, so please contact me!

  • Tig

    I know it is not preinstalled but I have found that Dell latitude D4X0 line laptops work well with Ubuntu out of the box.

    The D400 just works perfectly first time, not done a D410 yet, but have done a D420

    I have a D420 and everything works perfectly, the only thing that was fiddly was the fingerprint scanner but that is not very good anyway. I can’t remember if I had to download the i815 package to fix the widescreen resolution but it certainly was a no brainer to get working.

    The other advantage of using D4X0 machines is the Intel graphics so you get free drivers 🙂 and they work well with Beryl and Compiz, the only effect they cannot do is the water effect.

    On the D420 the only item listed in my “restricted drivers manager” is the Intel pro wireless driver which was installed by Ubuntu without any prompting.

    Hope any of this helps 🙂

  • Kevin

    There is another, even UK based, company selling Linux pre-installed on laptops:

  • I did a little searching and found

    BTW, Dell will be selling Ubuntu-based computers outside the US in the not-too-distant future:

  • Dell have just (today) announced the IMMEDIATE (well tomorrow) availability of two machines with pre-installed Ubuntu for the UK, France and Germany!

    Here’s my news article: