support for “Ubuntu needs a secure remote desktop”

Whilst reading through Jake Stride’s list of favourite blogs this afternnon, I found this post advocating that Ubuntu needs a secure remote desktop . I was thinkning aout this last week on the sys admin course at openadvantage, but the closest I saw was remote running of applications over SSH using X (as I understood it), which is far from the remote desktop feature that I find usefulon a windows server.

Now I’m not particularly paranoid about web security, but the ubuntu remote desktop described on this post  sounds too insecure.  I’ll have a look at FreeNX and seeif it works. ok.

Ubunti is supposed to be linux for human beings .  Businesses like remote desktop (without command line stuff which is only for adminsitraors).  so….

Dear ubuntu community, please include this feature, its very useful to businesses, and will signifiacntly enhance the popularity of ubuntu with businesses.

  • Matthew Flaschen

    I don’t see how the SSH+VNC solution is insecure. True, it may not be polished yet, but that’s a different issue.

    Also, have you tried SSH+X ? I don’t know how you think it’s far from being useful. I just found it somewhat slow.