Considering moving our Fasthosts dedciated server from Fedora5 to Ubuntu

I came across this launch of ubuntu linux dedicated server hosting by Fasthosts, our main hosting company. In previous posts, I’ve been trying to find a solution for a long time to the problem of syncronising postgresql databases between different linux distributions. In particular, since Fedora has such short cycles and 5 is not well (if at all) supported now, I would rather use ubuntu LTS 6.06 for our hosting and have applied to Fasthosts for a migration plan.

This got me wondering why its taken Fasthosts so long to catch onto the Ubuntu trend. And why havent ? Fasthosts and oneandone are, I believe, the biggest UK hosting companies, but it seems they dont have fantastic NPD planning if they havent caught onto the big 2006 launch of ubuntu with LTS.

Anyway, my point is this. Frequent release cycles with no lon g term support is a real issue for businesses. Yes, I could go to Redhat or another commercial distro, but ubuntu 6.06 is better for us. Its just a shame that the big hosting companies have taken this long to catch on and offer ubuntu.  I can see the first “cost” to us of moving to Fedora5 being a difficult, time consuming and expensive migration of our dedicated server.  Watch this space.  Fastshosts, I’m waiting on your response!

  • mattflaschen

    Of course, you could also use Debian, which has extremely high stability and long release cycles (though probably releases aren’t supported quite as long as LTS on average). Many hosts do offer Debian.