Paythyme as a substitute for Sage Payroll software

I’ve had some interesting chats with Martyn at Severn Delta in the past few months, as we ae both undertaking a business migration to open source. They are also blogging about their migration and other business issues if you are interested (they link to a good resource to generate free online barcodes!).

Recently we talked about opensource accouting solutions. Small businesses tend to use 2 types of accounting software in my experience: Accounting software for the prouction of management accounts, credit control and stock control, and payroll software to administer the burden of UK tax legislation for our esteemed Chancellor. Sage leads the market in the UK for offering this software packages, although there are plenty of others. We use Sage line 50.

In particular, Martyn and I talked about payroll solutions. My understanding is that Paythyme is the definative payroll system, Jon at Clocksoft is very proud of the error checking rates he got from HMRC audit testing. I’ve never used it, but its the only one I’ve heard of thats taken seriously.

I havent come across a serious challenger to Sage for accounting purposes. Some packages such as EGS from Senokian include an accounting function in them, but I ont know of a standalone peice of software. For legal compliance reasons, as a Director I would have to be very confident of the accuracy and support of a substitute for the market leading SAGE package we use, but am open minded on the subject. If you know of such a system, please leave a comment. I’m sure both Martyn and I would be interested.

  • Although I fully support open source applications regardless of function or sector, I find that many of these are lacking in terms of a fully functional program or resource.

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