Finally, I’ve migrated my HP nx6125 laptop to Ubuntu 7.04 dual boot with XP

I’ve wanted to say this for many months now. I am writing this post on a laptop thats now only running open source software!


It has been a game, and I’m not quite fully there yet, but I’m now running the following:

  • HP nx6125 laptop
  • Ubuntu 7.04 Fesity Fawn
  • Open Office
  • Firefox
  • Evolution email (interim until I move permanently to Zimbra in the next 2 weeks.)

To recount some of the problems I’ve had in the past week whilst migrating :

  1. I had to buy a copy of Norton partition magic to create new partions on my drive for the linux swap and OS
  2. let the automatic ubbuntu instalation package make the new partitions, if you do them manually the GRUB dual boot loader dosnt work (or it didnt for me as there was no “make bootable button”)
  3. On first instalation I couldn’t get the wifi working, but cracked that this morning by reading the ubuntu forums
  4. I had to learn how to export firefox bookmarks and resetup my firefox profile , plugins and settings
  5. Setting up realplayer, or any software toview streaming video from the bbc website was a pain, but evenually got that going.
  6. I didnt know that linux can’t read ntfs file systems, unless you install the appropriate package from the ubuntu universe. neadless to say, it works perfectly.
  7. the forward and back microsoft optical mouse browser buttons dosn’t work, but worked using this tutorial

Lots of stuff works well that I was expecting problems with. .. battery managment, soundcards, skype, ethernet, SD card reader, CD reader, keyboard etc.

Outstanding issues are:

  • I havent tried the CD burner yet, but I dont use that very often at all.
  • bluetooth not tried yet.

Am very pleased and releived so far!

  • Matthew Flaschen

    Congratulations! I’m wondering why you used Partition Magic. Did you try GParted or QTParted? Of course, backups are always important either way… Linux actually can read NTFS by default. It just can’t write, which is what NTFS-3G is designed for.

  • Hi Mathew

    I asked Senokian about and got the reply

    “For resizing NTFS partitions, there are a number of options, but probably the easiest one is PartitionMagic. Unfortunately its not free, but I know it works and works safely. That said, depending on what you’re doing, you may find it easier to back up your data to an external hard drive, and start from scratch.”
    “If you really want to look at them, possible open-source alternatives include resizentfs and gparted, but I can’t recommend either without a ‘Danger! Danger! May destroy your data and eat your puppy!’-style warning, as I haven’t used them myself and have know knowledge as to their current reliability.”

    So… I took the easy route and followed their advice!

  • Julian Robbins

    Hi Adrian

    You’ll probably find no issues with CD /DVD burning, and bluetooth. The only issue with gnome is that it doesnt auto install the gnome-bluetooth file rx/tx deb which is a pain. Once its in it works great.