any suggestions for linux substitutes for odd windows programs? TCP port scanner, GUI SSH client and SEOELITE?

I’ve been checking what legancy applications I currently use in windows tat I dont already have a linux solutions for, and looking for linux replacements for the following 4 applications:

  • winscp substitute to give a GUI SSH interface between linux machines (no substitute found)
  • scanner.exe – a port scanner to check our internal network (no substitute found)
  • dreamweaver (I’m planning on using Quanta Plus unless there is anything better?)
  • seoelite (dies under WINE)

Please throw in a comment if you can suggest any possible solutions to explore. Thanks:)

  • Lillo

    The best port scanner is “nmap” (it uses command line interface; give a try to “nmapfe” if you need a GUI).

  • Kevin

    For WinSCP: in case you are using KDE, just use a sftp:// URL or fish:// URL in Konqueror, e.g.


    sftp needs the SFTP feature enabled on the SSH server side, fish works through a normal SSH connection. Prefer sftp if possible, it was designed to be used for file transfer operations

  • Hi,

    As already mentioned nmap is a great port scanner.

    For WinSCP; if I remember you guys are using standard Ubuntu which uses GNOME, so in the filemanager (Nautilus) you can select File -> Connect to Server. From there you can select SSH, enter the server name, folder, username, and name for the connection (this is what it will be labelled on the desktop). Alternatively if you want a two pane style ftp like program, then you could use gftp – little bit old and crufty but does the job.

    As another alternative to Dreamweaver you could try NVU – built on Mozilla / Firefox. Not a web designer myself so not really sure how they compare, but for the bits that I’ve done it’s been very useful.

    Sorry no idea on seoelite (have you tried in crossover office?).


  • Thanks guys, all good tips. Crossover office is new to me, I’ll give the demo a trial with Access and SEOelite and report back.

    Hope the new job is going well Paul.

  • Also, Dreamweaver 8 works fairly well in the latest wine;

  • Richard Houston

    For Winscp, I have been using Filezilla(now a native Linux version and available in the Ubuntu universe) and gftp as well. Both do sftp very well.

    I second the nmap/nmapfe combo

  • Julian Robbins

    For your SEO wor, I tried one recently that is good and does work under Linux as its a java app
    Advanced web Ranking AWK

    Its one of the better SEO tools anyway.

  • For SSH I use Putty (yes there is a linux port) or just the regular command line from a terminal,
    FTP/SFTP I use gFTP or just the regular command line from a terminal,
    Instead of Quanta, take a look at Bluefish – It is really fast and bloat-free 😉


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