last minute idea – any idea who is the best UK supplier of Tux / linux stuffed toys, T shirts and other paraphernalia ?

We are giving a key presentation to our staff next week about the company wide migration to linux and open source.  This presenation is going to be critical to get the buy in and goodwill that we need to make the migration a sucess.

One of the ideas to generate some “goodwill” to fly the linux flag is the distribution of Tux penguin toys, clothing and other promotional merchandise across the workplace.


I’m finding it hard to find a decent supplier of this type of stuff in the UK who has a good range of products and offers some volume pricing.

Any ideas please?  If you are a seller, please add a comment with your url and  you can have a free link!

  • Julian Robbins

    I cant remember their name, but theres a guy who sells linux merchandise, who operates out of stockport, strawberry studios. I think he also used to do publicity for Joomla. ah got his name,

    Brian Teeman

    He’s always at the Linux Expos too