Experiences of being dependant on open source – 1st week

I’ve only used my laptop with ubuntu/firefox/zimbra for just over a week now (retaining my now redundant xp/outlook dual boot system in case of crisis…). Its been great, only a few problems, and the following notes may be of interest to some:

  • nothing has crashed. period. I’ve had to do a single SO kill once when I lost my internet conenction whilst running remote desktop in full screen mode which I didnst know how to close, but thats it. Before this, I used to regularly kill XP and or outlook to carry on working. This is an improvement in reliability.
  • Its great having your email server side, with no need to HAVE to have your laptop to do email, calendar and contact work. Ok, you can do this with many different systems (outlook does this, although I always ran client side), but Zimbra does this well.
  • Zimbra is very reliable and syncs very well with my nokia E90, enabling full functionality on the move. But, it does have its drawbacks. There is no read receipt function, there is no task managment (yet, due out shortly) and setting up disclaimers is a sys admin job and really should be in the management console.
  • I lost some email uptime (but no emails) this week due to a slight configuration update, but this was no problem and fixed very quickly and competantly by Senokian.
  • Quanta Plus website design program doesnt even open for me. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and no joy. So, I’m resorting to website updates by remote desktop onto our work server.
  • Toodledo works fine as a substitute for tasks in zimbra, but I’d rather have it all on one package.
  • The nokia e90 has a microphone defect that gives noise occasionally for no reason, so it will have to go back if it gets worse for a replacement.
  • I still cannt get WPA wifi encryption to logon. This is a serious problem that I wil need to refer to Senokian when I next meet them face to face to be solved, as it will be painful not to have this functionality permanently.
  • As I’m still running dual boot, most of my fire archive is still on the NTS partition. I have yet to move all the files over and repartition the drive.
  • The suspend/hiberate function dosnt work on my HP nx6125 laptop, am still looking for a solution.

Overall, I’m very happy, and proud of the switch. I’m free.

As a business we still have a long way to go, with lots more php programming of our CRM system by Rich and configuration of our astrix phone system, but we are well on the way.

I will be migrating more users to zimbra once v5 is out in 3 weeks time and shutting down our outlook useage.

This weeks job is the phone system. Watch this space…