waiting for the next version of (yahoo!) Zimbra

Before we migrate any more users across to Zimbra we are waiting on the new version, that should support tasks (which is important). Apparently its due out Monday in RC1, so we have booked some support with Senokian to get the upgrade installed.

Of course there is the recent news that Zimbra has been bought out by Yahoo! for $350m… I hope this is good news, as I’m not aware of yahoo being a major supporter of open source. Hopefuly the development will be pushed along a little quicker after the dust has settled, as I for one would like to see the introduction of read receipts in Zimbra which still isnt there!

There has been a log of blog comment on the sale – if you are interested I find the Open Road a good blog.


  • Greg

    Yahoo put a fair bit of development back into PHP (which they use heavily), and they have the YUI javascript library/set of widgets.
    They’re also pretty good at sharing best-practice as well as code, they have ‘Developer Centers[sic]’ for scalability, design-patterns, security and a variety of programming languages.
    http://developer.yahoo.com/ is worth a look.