still waiting for the new version of Zimbra to progress our email system migration

Umm, a month on, we are still waiting for the new 5.0 version of Zimbra to start rolling out  all our office to an open source email system.  RC1 was a very limted release and not available, and RC2 has been put back again to 31 October 2007.  Its a frustrating delay, but not a serious problem.  Hence little blog posting in recent weeks.

  • Hi there.

    As you probably know, these beta releases are not recommended for production environments. Right now, GR is scheduled for 12/17/07… pretty close to the holidays. You might want to plan on installing Q1, 2008… or going without some of the benefits of Z5, and installing the working 4.5.x (4.5.9 should be out any day). Best.