Progress update on Mercian’s migration to open source

Just a quick update on where we are:

  • the repeated delays in the release of Zimbra 5.0 which we need to migrate our remaining 15 email users is holding up a full migration away from Outlook/Exchange. The 2 existing users are very happy with Zimbra.
  • Our own CRM/EIS system is nearing betatesting, but has taken twice as long as planned
  • We now have a working Trixbox system with BRI card that Senokian have supplied, and I just need to find the time to configure and test it fully
  • Our apache web hosting has worked well for over a year, and is very relaible.
  • I have been totally on  Ubuntu/zimbra/openoffice/firefox for months now, and its great, very reliable.  The only annoying feature is the lack of working WPA on my laptop wifi, perhaps I may get this sorted one day.

Thats about it. Its a very busy time at work for me, and the migration is taking a back seat to other business issues as expected in our busiest time of year, but its still ploughing ahead.

  • We published a comparison table of Zimbra vs. Exchange hosting, although you probably already know most of the benefits…