using gnome partition manager to reformat windows away

Dave at Senokian pointed me to the GNOME partititon manager software as an ISO image to deal with my broken disk partitions.  This morning I’ve reformatted my old XP partition to an ext3 linux partition, and using that as my file store from now on.

Its taken me a couple of months of running Ubuntu on my laptop to take this step, gaining confidence in the operating system.  Recently, its been getting to the point that the windows partition was far more hassle than its confort blanket value, so its gone.

The bootable ISO disk works well as a replacement for norton partition magic for me anyway.

  • Matthew Flaschen

    You may find the separate data partition comes in handy. It allows you to reinstall your operating system without backing up or losing data. This is especially true if you use the data partition as your /home. You just reformat the OS partition without touching the data. Of course, you should be keeping backups anyway just in case…