How to add a new hard disk drive to an ubuntu desktop

My home PC is an old Dell machine with a 40GB IDE hard drive.  Having just bought a new 160GB drive for backups from my laptop, I couldnt work out how to install and configure it in Ubuntu as it dosnt recognise the presence of a new drive on startup.

So, I again used GPARTED , and booted up the machine using GPARTED and formatted the drive that way as a new ext3 format.  Now its recognised as a spare disk in /media which works fine.

one final tip for novice users like me, if you want to make a directory to start with and the disk is blank, its esy to to this at the command line when Ubuntu wont let you.

go to ./media/disk directory



This is very loose security, but if its just a home PC with no other access I thoguht this would be fine.

I hope this helps someone.  If you an expert user and can comment further, please feel free.

  • Adrian, you could just install GParted on Ubuntu and partition the disk and mount partitions without having to use a livecd. Also if you go back over the notes from the Linux admin course you could do that on the command line using fdisk, mkfs, and editing /etc/fstab (but admittedly that’s more hardcore than just using GParted).

  • Hi Paul

    Thanks for this comment. I tried to do this but after installing it using the add/remove applications it wont start, saying “there are no filesystems which you are allowed to mount/unmount, Contact your administrator”. I thought this was a permissions issue, but there is only 1 user on this installation and I couldnt work out how to run gparted as sudo or root without the command line, which I only wanted to run as a last resort when using fdisk, as there is serious potential for cock ups!

    Any further suggestions Paul for myself and other any people who stumble across this thread?

    I hope the new job is going well, I read your posts on Android with interest even though its not relevant to us.