starting to migrate all users to zimbra

We’ve started migrating individual users across to Zimbra, despite V5.0 still not being released (I’ve got fed up of waiting).  So far all is well, but there are some problems that I hope to resolve when we do move to v5.0 later this month.

  • users signatures are limited to 1024 (or thereabouts) characters.  This is a problem, as we cannt fit our disclaimer in it.  There is a new disclaimer hack, but we couldn’t get it to work, but wil try with senokian with v5.0
  • HTML templates are needed by some people
  • read receipts would be nice!

There is also the issue of accessing multiple accounts.  This feature appears to be in v4.5x but we cannt get it to work.  Hopefully we can fix this, as its very useful to access a group “sales” mailbox, as we do with Outlook currently.

3 users down, 8 to go. ..