lessons in backing up….

Sometimes I never learn, and check that backups are working as they should be.  Last night we had a zimbra failure that resulted in the default backup schedule not being run (incremental backup at 01:00), which measn that when we had to have a fresh install today we lost all yesterdays emails, calendar changes and additions, everything.

Yesterday I spent all day writing up 3 tactical plans for the business, and lost them all becuase of this.  Fortunately I got some of the work back from a syncd copy on a PDA, but not everything.  This episode also dented our team’s confidence in Zimbra as its the second time it has happened.

We have now improved the backup regime to daily full backups and hourly incremental ones.  We did this by changing the zimbra backup cron job using WEBMIN on port 10000 on our ubuntu server using the nice GUI webpage, and it seems to work.

A lesson for other new zimbra users, the default backups just ain’t enough, so update your instalation NOW to get more backups!

Lesson learnt the hard way (again).

  • Rich

    “and it seems to work” – might be worth checking that it *does* work before you have to rely on it 🙂

  • funny you should say that Rich. I did check the backups this morning, and found that the daily full backup was not working becuase it was running at the same time as the hourly incremental backup. Well, I hope it will work now, but I will continue to check!