annoying spam, and issues of packaged SpamAssasin and Zimbra

In the past few days we have started getting an abnormally high volume of spam that has made it way through the packaged SpamAssassin in Zimbra.  Its annoying, as all spam is, but as well as being very easy to configure on a basic level as an inbuilt and integrated package, its annoying when you cannt eeasily click a GUI interface that updates the software without a full upgrade .  We are running Zimbra 5.01 that is only weeks old, but spam is spam, and wasteful.

Any suggestions please?

  • Hi Adrian,

    You could try grey listing (check out we use it on all on mail accounts and mail servers and have noticed approximately a 90% decrease in the amount of spam we and clients receive.

    We still use SpamAssassin too.


  • Hi,
    This is John from Zimbra. Have you tried asking for help in the Zimbra Forums? I’m sure we could help: