Ubuntu Hardy Heron upgrade, amazing in one way, great in many, BUT crazy and annoying in 1!

The new version of Ubuntu, Hardy Heron LTS was released yesterday and last night I downloaded it and installed it this morning. The first, and most important thing to say is that it is just amazing that users around the globe can downlaod such fantastic piece of software for free, and thanks again to the community for all the work that has gone into it.

There are some cool new graphical interfaces, a new tracking tool I’ve found, and overall it just works, as I’ve come to expect linux and OSS software to do.

BUT, why was it a good idea to package a beta version of firefox in a LTS release that does not support existing firefox extensions/add ons?

This is a serious annoyance for me as I’ve come to rely on these extensions, that today don’t now work(in order of importance)

  • Update Scanner (arhhh!  its fantastic, and now dosnt work)
  • google toolbar (and google itself dosnt support the new firefox release!)
  • Zimbra DnD drag and drop
  • POPup alt Attribute
  • SEO quake
  • FEBE firefox backup

I’ve tried installing firefox 2 and got nowhere.  So now I have to wait, and hope and pray that a quick upgrade is available for these (and I guess many other) plugins.

 A quick note to the Ubuntu Commuity.

You are amazing, and thank you for your software. But, business people like stability, upgrading to a new version means that “stuff” should stay the same or get better.  Please dont take away what you’ve previously given us: such behaviour is what our government does to us, and it is not very popular.

  • Matthew Flaschen

    It’s Firefox 3 /because/ Heron is LTS. Firefox 2 will soon be discontinued, which means it can’t be included in an LTS release (LTS requires long-term support for all included software)

  • Nigel Morton

    I have to say that this must have been a difficult decision but, on balance, is probably right given that Firefox 3 is generally such an improvement. In the past, I’ve forced extension compatibility by changing

    extensions.checkCompatibility and

    to false in about:config. Obviously, this doesn’t magically make extensions work but it does allow them to install. I’ve found few problems doing this but your mileage may vary in a big way!

    Excellent blog, btw.

  • You can still get firefox 2 from the repos too. Just sudo apt-get install (or use synaptic) firefox-2 and firefox-2-gnome-support

  • Fair comments thank you. I think that the google toolbar issue for Firefox 3beta is the crucial one right now, but nobody seems to know when G will release it.

    As advocates and users of OSS, I would hope that G will address this very shortly.