An obvious solution to cull global spam?

I was reading this article on the 30th anniversary of spam from the BBC this morning, and it struck me that if 85% of all email traffic is spam, and the majority of these are coming from hijacked PCs, then assuming that all these PCs are Windows operating systems (and not mac or linux), then security flaws in windows are responsible for allowing spam to exist.  Therefore with existing and successful IP/DNS blacklists of spammers, if all users adopted linux or macs (or indeed kept their windows machines up to date with security fixes!) there would be hardly any spam.


In my early days of learning about open source Dave at Senokian gave me a lecture on why its important not to tie linux security updates into a paying subscriptions service for any OS, as all it does is does is create problems for everyone else.  18 months on, I think I’ve understood why!