Types of adhesive used in label printing

Many of our customers enquire about what adhesives could or should their labels use. There is never a straight forward answer to this question, as there is a wide selection of adhesives, and it all depends on what use the label is going to be put to. This is because all adhesives are formulated for different reasons and they all have individual jobs to do.

If a customer needed labels for items of food, then food grade labels are essential. They are used on fruits such as apples, plums, bananas and many more, as they do not leave any unwanted residue onto the fruit as easy feel they are a lot more hygienic, and any residue left is edible and harmless.

If a customer wanted a more secure label then tyre tack labels are probably the best. They are applied onto tyres and are extra sticky so they are not as likely to peel off. There are also frost fix adhesive labels which have a service temperature of -40 Celsius which makes them very suitable to sticking onto items which are to be frozen.

There are many other types of adhesives to suit what the customer needs, including hard hat label adhesives which are usually used on hard hats which builders wear. These labels are stuck onto the hats for the workers own safety and do not damage or corode the plastic of the hard hat, potentially damaging its structural integrity and strength.

Whatever your specialist adhesive label application, we are likely to have a potential solution to hand – give give us a call.

  • natalie curley

    hope you can help me, im trying to find out what adhesives are accepted in the use of stickers on hard hats here in australia but just cant find the information, maybe you can help with hat is acceptable in UK. Appreicate if you can offer any advice.

  • Hi Natalie

    I cannt comment on what is acceptable in Australia, but in the UK Fasvinyl is generally accepted as being suitable for hardhats without damaging the hard hat plastic, but any water based acrylic adhesive is commonly used. Solvent based adhesives are a a definative “no no” as any residual solvent could damage the plastic of the hardhat. I’ve tried getting a definitive statement on this from Fasson, but they wont commit to anything in writing!

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  • natalie

    thanks so much for your help, appreciated