Finally, I’ve found a decent webpage design software for linux (like dreamweaver)

Apart from a couple of small SEO applications that only run on windos, the biggest problem I have come across when using linux in the past year for day to day business use is the lack of a WYSIWYG webapge editor.  At the moment I’m still remote desktop’ing onto our old windows server where we have dreamweaver installed.  I can code in html, but to be honest a split screen webpage editor is a fantastic tool, and until today I hadnt found one for linux.

I have previously posted on this issue, but got nowhere.  Bluefish installs and works fine but is not a split screen WYSIWYG webpage editor.  I couldn’t get NVU to install and I didnt like quanta.

However, today I found , which linked to a great application called KompoZer, which does what I want, a WYSIWYG webpage editor.

I’ve tried it out and it seems fine to me, again, thank you to the community who wrote this very useful application.