Open Source not just limited with software and the computer market!

It seems that although “Open Source” isn’t exactly a new term or idea, the area in which it is used is beginning to spread. Not only do we have abundances of newly created open source software, but it seems even musical bands are beginning to take open source to a newer level; or at least pushing the idea further.

The latest band to take advantage of open source is Radiohead, who have cleverly created their new action promo film using “advanced visualisation techniques to produce an assembly of computer renderings in real time”. Basically meaning the film can be produced and implemented taking real world and real time images/actions and producing a computer generated rendering of that action from the data.

To go one step further, Radiohead have released this project to anyone who wants it, meaning the whole project is open source! Sounds good to me!

Not only that, they have; with effort from Google, released the data using the “Creative Commons Licence” which seems a step in the right direction for anyone in the game, thus allowing people to create their own videos and visualisations the same way they have.

This isn’t the first time promo videos have been created with open source in mind, but its one step further for the open source community. More steps in this direction will I think soon change a lot of things people take for granted, and open source may begin taking an aspect of other areas, we already have open source software, open source promo videos, open source cars, so what’s next? The future is looking good!

I think there will soon be a debate between bands releasing open source video promos against bands trying to stop people illegally downloading music, perhaps a fine line! But that’s a different story.

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