Major milestone, our MIS migration has completed!

I am about 6 days late in posting this, but I am exceptionally proud to say that we completed the major piece of work in our migration on Wednesday last week when we went live with our new php/postregsql MIS system. I am very pleased with it, as FINALLY we are not dependent on MS to run our core business management information system.

Top give you some idea of this achievement for us…

  • We started it in Feb 2007, and estimated completion by July 2007…
  • Its taken a MSc qualified software engineer the best of of 18 months of time to write the PHP and javascript code, test and debug (whilst running other projects and helpdesk type support as well)
  • I would estimate that its cost us over £15,000 in internal costs to migrate to open source (dont let anyone tell you that open source is “free”, as its certainly not, but it is OURS now, and we dont have long term licensing issues to pay to replace and run the old system.
  • Its a better system, although we all have a lot of familiarisation to get used to it, and have a list of minor enhancements as long as your arm that Rich is crunching through.

It is a great relief to finally switch off our old system and not be dependant on it any more, as it was abaout to die any week now, causing us major inconvenience.

Lots more to do, but its great to say we’ve broken the back of the migration!

Next step – migration of our file store to our linux server, then the phone system to trixbox, then finally all the desktops to ubuntu.

Thanks to Rich for all his hard work and making this a success!

  • Martyn Shiner

    Congrats – gives me confidence we can complete our project in short order!

  • That’s great news Adrian. Well done.

  • thanks guys!