Whinge about ebuyer.com – 0871 numbers to return faulty goods?

I rarely complain about companies on this blog, but this one just takes the biscuit.  I ordered 2 TVs from Ebuyer.com last week, only to find out that the remotes were faulty and not working.  I completed their returns system online, only to be told that to return that faulty goods I had to call a premium 0871 number, (and be placed on hold in a queue!) to speak to a call centre to get the return authorised!

Thats pretty poor customer service.  Ebuyer, you will loose business from otehrwise happy customers doing this.  Pleas go back to your online returns system – it worked, and customers were happy.

  • Hi Adrian, I have had a pretty poor experience with eBuyer before too. It was almost impossible to get to speak to real person and they took ages to respond when I finally did find a number to call. It was an extremely frustrating experience.

    For computer electronics I mainly use Scan now. Their Customer Service is great and to be honest, they usually are about the cheapest anywhere too. (I’ll be blogging about my new Desktop shortly; just ordered the components from Scan today!)

    Microdirect are also OK from a couple of dealings I have had with them in the past and we also buy some hardware from Novatech (as they sell pre-built PCs/Servers and Laptops) with NO operating system. You can choose to pay for one if you want, rather than being forced to pay the Microsoft Tax as you are from virtually everywhere else.

  • kalvin

    Bought 9 items for building a gaming pc. Unfortunately 4 items were not sealed and had been previously opened. Yes, you guessed it, Returns/Exchanges from other customers. Intel Quad Core Q6600 box was creased on every side, torn on 3 corners and squashed! Gigabyte motherboard was in anti-static bag that was sealed with sellotape – marks left from previous tape were present. The bag was indented all over, obviously from a different item. The documents and cd appeared as though they had been thrown randomly into the box. The lid didn’t even close properly. Antec gaming case had sellotape on the flaps but previous tape was present on the sides of the box – completely seperate from the tape on top. Called ebuyer and some monkey replied ‘we have to open each package for stock taking’. Yeh like I was born yesterday. What a bunch of jokers. The other 5 items were plastic wrapped! When I said they were selling returns and exchanges they replied ‘we comply with all trading standards’. I am sending the lot back and buying from another supplier. I will never use Ebuyer again. If one purchases what is described as a new item then one should receive a new item.