network attached storage

We have had a long standing probelm with data storage in our business, as we generate or manage a huge number of graphic design files.  With the final stages of our migration coming together, we decided to move all our files to a dedicated network attached storage device (running on embedded linux of course!).

We picked a Buffalo Terastation Live 1TB device on the recommendation of Senokian, and its gone in just fine.  It configures easily using the web interface, and just works.  We have it setup in a RAID 10 array (which is basically mirrored RAID1 plus the frills) to give good data security.

I’d recommend it on the basis of what we have seen so far as a good value NAS for SMEs.

  • martyn


    I’d be interested in an update on this as we are thinking of going the same way.

    Also – what do you do about backing up all that data?


  • Hi Martyn

    It works, its very easy to install and setup, but we find it very slow. I’ll be asking senokian to investigate soon why, but apart from that its fine.

    Backup – easy. WE bought a £70 USB 500GB external HDD and just plug it in and backup for offsite storage.



  • umm.. 1 hard disk drive has already failed, and we are waiting for the replacement, and the external HD backup is a bit unreliable.

    further updates to come.