setting up a free business phone system using trixbox

The last big task in our complete migration to open source has been moving our phone system from swyx to Trixbox, the free and open source package containing linux, astrix, free pbx and lots of other packages to make a it stand alone scalelable phone system.  We involved Senokian from early days to get it working, as like a lot of these things, linux without a good sys admin can be a lonely and unproductive life.

The process we used was such:

  1. I attended an open advantage awareness/training course on trixbox to see what it could do.
  2. I engaged senokian to buy a basic DELL PC and install Trixbox on it with an ISDN BRI card
  3. I configured it using the great notes and , copying the settings from our SWYX voip system
  4. Dave from Senokian ironed out 2 bugs in the setup relating to our configuration of ISDN card and email settings for voicemail.
  5. I tested it, opened some ports to enable remote SIP access on trixbox and tweaked it.
  6. It works, and is ready for rollout.

In terms of SIP clients, I’ve settled on Ekiga / Hudlite for linux, and openwengo /hudlite for windows (all soon to be gone) anyway.

So, we have a working trixbox phone system ready to rollout.  Another milestone in our open source migration bites the dust.