How come…

How come Dell can sell a PC with a  copy of Vista home preinstalled for £119, but the cheapest, entry level Dell PC with ubuntu preinstalled is £299 ?

I know there must be economies of scale, but this is just silly, and a barrier to open source adoption.  Our solution – buy a bunch of the £119 entry level models and reformat with ubuntu.  Does anybody want 8 Vista licenses?

  • Possibly because they get a kick back for all the crapware that gets loaded on a Windows machine? It does say ‘No unwanted trialware – fitted only with the software you want’ on the site so maybe that’s a thing of the past.

    Maybe the support costs or return rates are still higher for Linux so they just can’t justify cutting that close to margin?

    Maybe they don’t have enough customer intelligence on Linux buyers to predict how much they can be upsold (aka bait and switch) to consider these kind of loss leader machines?

    None of these seem like the obvious answer – maybe it’s some combination of them.

  • The kick-back one is spot on.

    Most of the vendors of the trial AV software and other crapware do indeed pay handsomely for the privilege of clogging up your HDD.

    On the new netbook size laptops with the now quite cheap XP code, the crapware cheques can mitigate the entire M$ OEM license fee. In fact, if you are a BIG volume manufacturer, you will actually make money by doing it…

  • that will be the reason – good job I’m reformatting with linux than!