replacing our TERASTATION NAS with a FREENAS box

Sometime ago I blogged about our purchase of a Terastation as a network attached storage device.  Well, it hasnt worked that well at all, and after very nearly loosing all our data when either 1 or 2 hard drives failed (in a RAID 10 array) resulting in 5 days of downtime, I’ve given up on this device.

My thanks to Dave and Jake from Senokian who supported us well, recovering all the data, and advising of a replacement NAS solution using FREENAS and a spare Dell server box, all in record time.

I found the Terastation to be slow, with unreliable hardware, reasonably difficult to configure network shares and ftp access on, and the lack of ssh control ability meant we couldnt do much with it if it went wrong.  For this reason, I can not recommend it for business use.

The FREENAS box however seems to have gone in a lot better.  Bizzarely it runs the operating system off a USB stick, and keeps the 2 RAID1 drives for data only, and all at a very good value price.

Further updates to come as we explore it more.

  • Martyn


    Tx for the heads up – waht dell server are you using? Any plans to upgrade this to newer hardware?

    Interested people need to know 🙂

  • no idea which dell box it it, but it works, and we have no plans to update it at the moment Martyn.

  • Sorry to hear that your Terastation didn’t live up to expectation, but I am glad that you switched to FreeNAS. I have written a story about this on

    Thanks, Gary

  • Adrian


    What I meant (sorry to be lame) was what is the disk config you are using?


  • raid 10 (or raid 1+0). Is the answer, its similar to raid5, but apparently better.