ouch – a €38m fine for E.ON. for breaking a tamper evident security label

The story of the electricity company E.ON being fined €38m for breaking a tamper evident security label seal that companies like us manufacture came to our attention yesterday.  You can read a quick version on the Times website or a full account on the Europa.eu website with pictures.

The very nature of our work at Security Labels International means that we dont often get to see many of our security label products in action, but stories like this demonstrate how important the performance of our products is, and the consequences of false positive readings for end users.

We have a new product range out soon that will give customers the highest levels of security ever seen in the marketplace – if you are involved in such high profile security sealing then we will be pleased to send you samples to trial, or help train your staff in the correct use of such seals. As the Competition Commission have demonstrated, accidental breech or misuse can be very, very expensive.