responding to Jono Bacon, this is why we use Ubuntu at Mercian Labels

Jono Bacon, a guru of the ubuntu community has posted a request on his blog that users of ubuntu spread the word on ubuntu by describing what hey like about it.  So here goes, here are Mercian Labels’ top 5 reasons for giving ubuntu some “love”.

  • its free, as in speech, so once we have “bought” into it, its ours to use as we see fit, and not have constant upgrade license costs.  OK, you dont pay for it as its free as in beer, but I can assure you that for a business it costs money to migrate to ubuntu from Windows.
  • its better than windows for most day to day applications. Yes it is IMHO.  There are significant compatibility problems (like SAGE dosnt run on linux as we need it), but you can work around it.
  • the idea of having community support instead of OEM manufactured support is a hard one to get used to , but it is in fact better.  Actually we have a hybrid at Mercian Labels, we solve most of our support needs through google searches, and almost invariably the FOSS community, ubuntu or otherwise, has solved the problem before and there is a ready made solution out there.  When there is not, we use a professional FOSS consultancy – Senokian, who solve it for us.
  • Security updates are free, and the “universe” give us whole heaps of free software whenever we need it for a new application.  You couldn’t buy a system like that for any price, it can only come from a diverse and disparate community with highly variable needs but a common goal.
  • From a CSR perspective, we like to see community driven activities suceed, and supporting a system with market awareness and dollars that dosnt support the continution of a uncompetitive monopoly is just good commercial sense.

So there you go Jono.

  • Martyn


    Well said.

    Oh…. and its fun!


  • And as the recent financial sector debacle proves – it does not always pay to run with the Herd. No matter what Mark Earls will tell us!