Annoying Microsoft Office 2007 advert – use Open Office instead for free

I listen to absolute radio a lot in the car, and am annoyed by the annoying current Microsoft Office 2007 advert, preying on parents’ insecurity by suggesting that if you buy this software then your kids will do their homework more, or better.

I’m inclined to disagree.  Its software, and its a tool.  The intellectual input is what matters, not the software its written with, and especially at “school” level (ie pre degree level), it dosnt mater what software you use.  Open Office is free (speech and beer), and excellent.  Its the only software I use use now for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations.

Parents.  Dont bother. Download Open Office for free here.

  • Rich

    There’s more to it than that – if your children are using Microsoft software, they are seeing the “wrong” spellings for colour, centre, etc. in the UI. Nothing wrong with American English, I hasten to add, but it’s not the version of English taught/spoken in the UK, but it is that which Microsoft and Apple choose to impose on us. At least with open source software this isn’t the case (I should also congratulate Google, who produce their products in British English).

  • mMartyn


    All the PCs at my children’s schools run XP and office. We had a note home from my son’s school insisting we install their AV software before he was allowed to connect to the school network – it is windows only. As you can imagine a strongly worded email followed.

    Part of the problem is lack of awareness, and support staff who take the line of least resistance.