UK politics debates the posibilities of open source software.

The UK political opposition have been making big noises this week about furthering the use of open source software in government IT projects.

What a great idea, in difficult economic times we need to cut costs in government, and adopting open source is an excellent long term decision for the UK.  I just cannt begin to contemplate the migration costs though!

  • It’s about time that Government had a serious look at open source both in education, public sector and also at how it can help the private sector.

    Interestingly Barack Obama has just recently asked Scott McNealy the CEO of Sun Microsystems for a paper on how open source can improve security and be cost-effective for USA government. See the story also on the BBC:

    For open source to really get traction I think we do need a change in government policy and with other countries around the world already taking advantage of open source I think we will see this soon. Some time back I wrote a quick blog post on all of the major parties public position on open source:

    I have also written (emailed) local MP’s to ask for their position on open source and have had favourable responses and I would recommend other people write to their MP’s as well.

    Adrian – its great that you are bringing this to people’s attention and hopefully we will see change soon.

  • Just seen this link for a petition on the site for:

    “That bodies in receipt of public money be mandated to evaluate open source alternatives before the purchase of commercial software”

    Link –